Friday, January 25, 2019


Imagine if Shakespeare wrote every single play to create one single super-story that he revealed in his final play... God did exactly that with the bible. These 100 artworks and teaching sheets show how everything in the bible goes directly with every other thing and makes total sense. The 'Seven Streams of Grace' is a poster curriculum seminar video book audio and a few other things here. It is a whole Biblical Theology education in art, whereas its sister project, 'The Daily Grace Catechism', is a whole Systematic Theology education in song... here.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

My Whole Bible Commentary, and The Bible Genome Project (BGP)

This blog has my scribbly letters to God about every verse in the bible.  Read some for proof that there is not a single boring page in the bible ;-)  OlsenPrayerCommentary
This blog stores many of the chiasms I & others have found in the bible, and links to the chiastic videos I have posted on YouTube (search 'BGP Chiastic Chiasm").   BibleGenomeProject

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How to Find & Teach the Beauty of Scripture - Professor PLAQ & Father FIGI

A conference lecture re teaching Bible beautifully to kids & adults - what fun! clickme.
I just skimmed over these more developed speaking notes (which I may fix...): clickme.
'How to find Treasures in Your Own Bible' 10podcasts
The Parables material (2 ways to interpret parables) is summarized here: clickme.
The Law & Gospel material (how to sequence teaching & preaching 101): clickme.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

"It Wasn't My Fault!" - the song we learn before birth!

This is a kid's talk in a morning service in which I explain to kids what babies in the womb need to learn to sing before they are ready to be born...  ;-)  It's short and fun, with over 400 views.
It's Not My Fault from Living Faith Church on Vimeo.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Martin Luther's 'Secret Key' & 'Secret Ruler' - Feb'12

'Martin Luther's Secret Key'
Luther said the Protestant Reformation hung on one discovery, one doctrine - his key to the Reformation of the church... & to the salvation of individuals too! What was it? Clue: not Justification! Audio with explanatory slides playing here. ...Audio only for podcast download here.
'Martin Luther's Secret Ruler'
Luther said that a particular measure should be used to judge every text, sermon, preacher... What was it? ...Audio with slides playing here. ...Audio only podcast here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


These links re RELATIONSHIPS have been the most read/ listened to/ shared for years.
ANGER ARTICLE - Many have read, hated, loved, and forwarded this surprise perspective on a much-cherished emotion.  Here's another chapHere's Neurobiology of anger as addiction.
HOW TO PREDICT YOUR RELATIONSHIP FUTURE - This entertaining seminar has tons of terrifying research that has been proven to directly predict divorce/ relationship breakdown and directly save marriages. Diagnostic radiotherapy. (Yes, Dx Rx!).  If u liked, try PART 2
PORN, PROSTITUTION, LUST & ADULTERY are NOT SEX ISSUES AT CORE! - Stay enslaved by using normal language.  Get free by using far more interesting and accurate descriptions. Another doc with links.
VERBAL ABUSE is fine art because it appears to be talk of love, care and concern...
2 HEALTH-CHECK SCORESHEETS: a BEAUTIFUL vs. an UGLY Marriage.  Rate yours, but also rate your parents.  #1 predictor of how we treat our spouse is what we witnessed as a child!
MARRIAGE, SIN, GOSPEL - a wedding sermon.
FORGIVENESS requires accusation & repentance says Jesus!  & 1, 2, 3.
DIVORCE THEOLOGIES EXPOSED - Get shocked about what the bible actually teaches against common Christian doctrines of divorce!  Please read it SLOWLY with PRAYER.  Hebrew & Greek basis here.  See also great web articles re marital abuse: B & C.  Domestic Violence here.
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